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Evolve4 is a Philosophy, Methodology and System for significant Business Improvement for a new digital factory.

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Our ERP provides real-time visibility into stock levels. You can optimise inventory replenishment, reduce carrying costs, and avoid overstocking or stockouts. Features like automatic reordering, barcode scanning, and serial number tracking empower you to maintain accurate stock records. Additionally, greater visibility enables better work flow match with available labour resource.

From receiving raw materials to dispatching finished goods, Evolve4’s ERP supports batch traceability. This is obviously crucial for meeting compliance and Food Safety requirements.

Evolve4’s ERP allows you to track over and under delivery of inbound materials, set deviation tolerances, and receive alerts when shipments fall outside acceptable ranges.

  • End to End Warehouse Management – All Products
  • Stock Segregation – Allergens, Species etc.
  • Integration of Site Rules
  • Date / Batch Management
  • Returns & Disposals
  • Stock Transfer Requests & Orders
  • Interfacing with Automation
  • Automated Stock Management
  • 100% Stock Traceability including stock off site
  • 3rd Party Management
  • Date Extensions via Work Flows
  • Substitutions & Rationing
  • Various Picking Streams – Direct, Automated, Voice
  • Hard & Soft Pick Allocations
  • Streamline Pick Processes
  • Wave Pick Management
  • Store & Delivery Management
  • Finished Goods Traceability & Vehicle Despatching
  • MHE & Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Delivery Schedule with POD Management
  • Direct Invoice Enablement
  • Power BI Reporting
  • KPI Report Management
  • Live Data Displays

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Our system is built on Microsoft technology

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