The Change Management Solution for Global Food & Beverage Processing.

Delivering the change through our specialist industry knowledge and our ERP Operations-Centric Solution.

Evolve4 allows you to monitor, review
and control your business.

Changing attitudes, processes and systems, delivering real benefits for food producers.

Built on expertise from years of industry experience with constantly evolving technology to deliver a digital factory.

The Operations-Centric ERP Solution, built for the industry, by the industry experts.

Changing Attitudes, Processes & Systems…Delivering Real Benefits

With a strong background in the Food & Beverage industry, Evolve4 understands that engaging the ‘hearts and minds’ of your people is the starting point on delivering a successful solution for a digital factory.

By helping you manage the process of change, Evolve4 ensures that concerns are addressed through education and involvement. Clearly defined structures, roles and responsibilities ensures success.

Using a consultancy-led approach, Evolve4 applies the appropriate level of understanding to business processes so that resources can be focused on those elements that add value, whilst reducing or removing costs associated with non-value creating processes.

Evolve4 uses a holistic approach to identify the process improvement opportunities.

By underpinning people and processes, Evolve4 is able to provide a truly configurable change management solution. The ability to see ahead provides flexibility, clarity and real value with identifiable benefits.

Our philosophy drives the continuous search for improvement delivering success for your business.

“We believe that an ERP system should adapt to your company, not the other way round and be the central nervous system of the Digital Factory.”

Ernie Dewhirst, Founder.




up to 15% efficiency improvement

Evolve4 is brought to you by professionals who have lived and breathed the chaos and relentlessness of Food & Beverage processing.

Our philosophy combines the search for improvement and the delivery of success for your business.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by food businesses, we have developed our system from first principles, meeting the needs of modern Food & Beverage processers.

At Evolve4, we aspire to deliver the most efficient and total solution for enhancing operations and achieving real measurable objectives across the global Food & Beverage sector.

Our commitment to innovation guarantees that our solutions stay ahead of the curve in the industry to ensure your business thrives.

Our cloud-based solution supports all aspects of your business including finance, commercial, operations, distribution, warehousing and logistics.

Evolve4 has the ability to be adaptable to fit within your existing ecosystem if required.

See how Evolve4 can help drive your Business Improvement Plan today!

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Tomorrow’s ERP solution today.

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Our Solution

Through a combination of investment and focus we aim to become the ERP system of choice. With our specialised focus on the Food & Beverage processing industry, we are well positioned to address the unique challenges and requirements of this sector.

Our Sectors

Evolve4’s software is functional across all sectors of to the Food & Beverage Industry offering a secure and scalable platform on a global basis.

Industry Challenges

Do not suffer the constraints of obsolete technology – enjoy the benefits of the future today with our consultancy-led approach delivering our leading edge technology!

Careers at Evolve4

There are many opportunities to work on projects with global presence and we are looking for ambitious, like-minded individuals to join our passionate team

“Through a combination of investment and focus we aim to become the Business Improvement solution of choice.”

Ian Roworth, Managing Director.




improving the F&B industry

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