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We listen, and speak your language.

It’s no accident that the Evolve4 team are Food & Beverage industry professionals with decades of experience in this field. With a deep understanding of your specific challenges, we have built a functionally rich Business Improvement solution to address these challenges, with the ability to hit the ‘ground running’.

Changing attitudes, processes and systems, delivering real benefits for food producers.

Built on expertise from years of industry experience with constantly evolving technology to deliver a digital factory.

The Operations-Centric ERP Solution, built for the industry, by the industry experts.

Evolve4 is more than just an ERP system; it’s a culmination of decades of expertise and innovation brought to you by Food & Beverage professionals who have lived and breathed the chaos and relentlessness of food processing.

We recognise that the demands and requirements of the industry are continually evolving. Our team’s wealth of experience in navigating complex processing environments equips us to identify and implement effective solutions that meet your business needs and drive success in a rapidly changing landscape.

Our system is built on Microsoft Technology

building resilience for the future

“We use the Evolve4 value index as a simple measurement tool we use to track progress on efficiency post ERP implementation – helping to reduce operating costs by up to 15%” – Ernie Dewhirst, Founder

Evolve4 ERP Solution




potential reduction

Evolve4 Food prides itself on delivering our own ERP solution designed with your sector-specific requirements in mind

Our solution includes a comprehensive set of standard features that can be configured to align perfectly with the unique needs of the organisations we work with.

This approach and recognising that numerous industries rely heavily on structured processes ensures that the software is designed with your needs in mind, incorporating features that are perfectly aligned with the unique environment of your production facilities.

Innovation Partners

Being your innovation partner, we have developed our system from first principles, meeting the needs of modern Food & Beverage processors.

We regularly compare processes across the Food & Beverage industry to provide added value to our customers. With our holistic approach, we are able to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the industry, empowering businesses to stay ‘ahead of the game’ to meet the ever changing demands of the Food & Beverage industry.

We have a system that replaces the need for paper which allows you to enjoy the benefits of a paperless factory – an important Food Safety and efficiency benefit.

Our solution is developed with your needs in mind, with features suited to meet the unique setting of your production facilities.

The Evolve4 team is made up of Food & Beverage experts that understand the challenges faced within the industry, with a proven technical delivery experience in a processing environment.

We understand the pivotal role that experienced professionals play in driving success, and we’re committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning.

We are goal driven and have the capability to deliver substantial savings across our client’s operations.

Evolve4 Project Phases

The Evolve4 Team work collaboratively with the your site team to deliver identified business improvement changes needed.

Below are the steps we take, executed with precision, to ensure our solution can help you to save up to 15% savings.

  • Food industry expert consultation to identify the ‘art of the possible’ to deliver identifiable benefits
  • Forward thinking solutions managed around your processes
  • Current and Future State Analysis
  • Making technology work the way your business needs it
  • Supporting Cultural and Neurodiversity in operator centric operation
  • Ensuring your applications ease of use providing exceptional operator efficiency
  • First class customised training suiting the needs of all your teams
  • Specialised team or train the trainer approach
  • Planned around your business to minimise disruption
  • Application monitoring ensures your applications performance, availability and operator experience
  • Highly experienced support team to cover utilising the ITIL framework covering you when you need help
  • Food industry centric delivery experts that really understand the business drivers – planning around the business busy times
  • Utilising collaborative DevOps approach to design, build, test and customer UAT that minimises operational disruption while maximising benefits quickly
  • Dedicated delivery team that provides continuity and support to the customer teams

Tomorrow’s ERP solution today.

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Our Solution

Through a combination of investment and focus we aim to become the ERP system of choice. With our specialised focus on the Food & Beverage processing industry, we are well positioned to address the unique challenges and requirements of this sector.

Our Sectors

Evolve4’s software is functional across all sectors of to the Food & Beverage Industry offering a secure and scalable platform on a global basis.

Industry Challenges

Do not suffer the constraints of obsolete technology – enjoy the benefits of the future today with our consultancy-led approach delivering our leading edge technology!

Careers at Evolve4

There are many opportunities to work on projects with global presence and we are looking for ambitious, like-minded individuals to join our passionate team

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