Evolve4’s software is a secure and scalable platform with rich ERP functionality specific to the Food & Beverage Industry sectors.

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Our Industry Sectors

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Our ERP system helps manage inventory levels efficiently, ensuring that fresh ingredients are available whilst minimising waste as well as centralising recipe management, ensuring consistency in product quality and simplifying the production process.

Ready Meals

Ready meal manufacturers can more effectively align their supply with anticipated demand, staying ahead of seasonal spikes in their product segment. Our solution incorporates both historical sales data and emerging trends to create reliable projections. Utilising both types of data ensures that predictions are well-informed, helping you capitalise on earning opportunities without the consequences of excess stock or under-fulfilment of fresh ready meals orders.


Manufacturers in this sector encounter the dual challenge of adhering to stringent Food Safety Standards whilst effectively managing the natural perishability of their products. This dynamic significantly impacts various facets of their operations, including inventory management, logistics, and distribution.

Dairy ERP software helps manage all phases of dairy production, from working with livestock to inventory management through to milk processing, supply chain and customer order fulfillment satisfaction.

Our software enables optimisation throughout the complete supply chain, encompassing fishing, fish farming, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

A Fresh Produce ERP system allows businesses to collect and maintain essential information in one integrated database. It ensures food safety, quality control, and efficient operations, ultimately benefiting both producers and consumers.


Our ERP system enhances supply chain management, automates processes, ensures compliance, and contributes to overall efficiency in the beverages industry.


Implementing our ERP system in a bakery can streamline operations, improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and ultimately contribute to the bakery’s success in a competitive market.


Our solution ensures end to end confectionery traceability, customised quality audit procedures, auto – data capture and strict allergen controls. Evolve4’s software solution is configured to exceed your needs.

Frozen & Prepared Packaged Foods

Shifting consumer preferences towards grab-and-go options and healthier food choices are exerting growing pressure on your frozen prepared food business. To successfully navigate these changes and maintain profitability, you require the appropriate tools and resources to meet evolving demand effectively.


Our purpose-built ERP system leverages industry-specific features, including strong catch  weight functionality, to help you master your specific industry challenges.

Sauces & Dressings

Enhance management of intricate formulations, ensure consistency through measurement, and analyse real-time data on yield regarding moisture, temperature, and quality.  Our solutions provide precisely the capabilities you require.


As a snack producer, we understand you must be able to adapt to evolving trends quickly whilst continuing to produce consistent, quality products profitably. Increase overall equipment efficiency, better consolidate and optimise batches, segregate and substitute allergens and streamline traceability processes.

Spices & Ingredients

With a range of features configured to your industry needs, Evolve4’s solution is designed to help you operate more efficiently, comply with Food Safety regulations and scale your business with reduced risk and more effective control.

Savoury Pastry

Savoury pastry businesses operate on tight profit margins. Our ERP system provides insights into costs associated with ingredients, labour, and overheads, helping businesses identify areas for cost savings and improved profitability.

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Our Solution

Through a combination of investment and focus we aim to become the ERP system of choice. With our specialised focus on the Food & Beverage processing industry, we are well positioned to address the unique challenges and requirements of this sector.

Our Sectors

Evolve4’s software is functional across all sectors of to the Food & Beverage Industry offering a secure and scalable platform on a global basis.

Industry Challenges

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